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(no subject) [Jun. 25th, 2006|11:35 pm]
Jessi the Kid
[mood |stressedstressed]

work is so dumb right now.
all the officers are either on power trips or don't stick up for themselves or anything, they just don't care. so everything is the shambles because there is no communication so no summer workers know what is going on. and don't even get me started on the voucher center, i hate that place right now.
and it is bad that i feel that way now and i still have two more days of work, and then it's the holiday weekend which is going to suck, it's looking to be a lot of stupid people, hot weather, and an unorganized mess with the workers. lame.
it's tunks last weekend there too, and sometimes he's the only one i can stand there, so that sucks. but hopefully it will be very fun, since he is leaving and doesn't care anymore, which means us doing whatever we want this weekend, yes!

starting friday it's going to be a very busy week or so, it's lame.
i want to go up to marquette, but i knew from the beginning that was out of the question since i have to work all the time. it sucks, every summer i feel like i miss out on a lot of hanging out with my family because of a shitty work schedule. but i like the job most of the time, so i keep going back, just right now it's bugging me, which around the holidays it always gets pretty crazy out there.
hopefully after the 9th or 10th it will cool down at work and i will be able to relax more.

i doubt i will be going to marquette this week on my days off, i need to just relax, even though that doesn't seem to be happening lately even on my days off, but who knows.
i'm hoping after the 4th i can get up there on my days off and just chill for awhile, forget about this place.
and i still want to go visit kelly, i need to do that this summer since i didn't last year. hmm.
i need to sleep and get these next two days over with. argh
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(no subject) [Jun. 9th, 2006|11:20 am]
Jessi the Kid
last night we had a redneck yacht club. except it was just one boat.
we went "fishing" but dan and steve came over and forgot their fishing poles, haha. but we did have a cooler full of beer.
it had a 30 pack of PBR, and then we took a bathroom break for a bit, and steve and eric went to the store for worms and brought two more 6 packs back as well.
we did catch some fish, which eric kept to prove that we actually fished. but the last few hours were sitting around on the boat drinking. it was humorous.
wednesday we went to cheap night at the drive in. over the hedge is actually quite hilarious, and they make fun of people so much, it's great.

well tonight we will be at the congo, that should be interesting. those guys are going bar hopping before hand. we'll see if they make it out there.
and i actually have to go back to work today, lame. but i have monday and tuesday off next week, and kristen b is coming home tuesday too. fun times.
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shenanigans in the OC [Jun. 7th, 2006|10:05 am]
Jessi the Kid
[Current Location |parent's house]
[mood |energeticenergetic]

last night was so humorous.
eric came home the other day for about two weeks.
so last night i get out of work at 10:30 and have a message from him and one from caleb saying that the pub in pentwater had karaoke at 11, soo.... i call up eric and him and steve come meet me in hart and we go up there. it was hilarious.
except for the part when eric signed me up to sing with him, oh wait that happened twice, and to horrible karaoke songs too.. such as picture by sheryl crow and kid rock. and whiskey lullaby. yeah i'm great at singing alison krauss, it was quite an experience.
and to top it off, caleb was like a f-ing professional, but was extremely drunk, so it got better haha. and then the "bouncer" was joe dykstra, who i am bigger than. so he let me in with an X on my hand, which quickly came off. and eric bought me drinks all night, it was great. crazy marine.
and crystal (a girl that i work with) was working there that night too. so she got to see it all as well, it was a good time. i'm thinking next week we will probably be going back. maybe kristen b will be up here for that. haha.
well i'm off to muskegon today, and i might be taking eric with me, that will be funny. that kid is still crazy. only thing different is the giant tattoo on his arm.
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(no subject) [May. 11th, 2006|04:04 pm]
Jessi the Kid
[mood |tiredtired]

so, it's thursday and i'm in Seattle.
it's weird, i keep forgetting i'm here. i'm not really sure what i expected, but i think i'm just out of it lately or something.

the trip was a blast. we left on sunday around 2ish, and drove through Michigan, Wisconsin, Minnesota, and into North Dakota. We stopped in a sketchy little town called tower city for gas and just decided to sleep there. it was interesting.
we parked the car and it just happened to be right next to the train tracks, so we woke up like 20+ times in the night. i've never really slept in the car under those circumstances before, but it was fun. and not something i'll tell my mom about cause she would have a fit.
well the next day we weren't very well rested, so we travelled about 4 or 5 hours probably and stopped in Miles City Montana and Alex wanted to shoot prairie dogs.
well, that was an adventure. we stopped at a sporting goods store and asked the guy, he gave us the number to a rancher. so we talked to the rancher, and then went on a hunt and found the ranch. it was thirty miles down a paved two lane road, and then another thirty five or so down a dirt road. then when we finally found the ranch after bad directions. the rancher was gone, and the hill lady that looked after the place didn't know right from left.
so we left and just found a ranch on the way back.
after that excursion we decided to call it an early day. headed back into miles city and got a motel room. it was a much needed time for a shower and bed. sooo nice.
okay, that's really long.
i'll write about the rest of the trip later.
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(no subject) [Apr. 30th, 2006|09:42 pm]
Jessi the Kid
[Current Location |basement.]

i have two exams this week. and yeah, i don't really care. it's bad.
all my friends are like, i need to study, and are all intense.
and i stopped caring.
this weekend was CRAZY!
but also a lot of fun.
oh well, another week in this town and then off to road trip across the country. i love it.
let's hope i pass school and not kill my roomates in this coming week.
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stupid skateboarders [Apr. 25th, 2006|10:42 pm]
Jessi the Kid
[Current Location |my room.]
[mood |tiredtired]
[music |this cowboy's hat - chris ledoux]

there are like a million skateboarders on campus now. and a bunch live next door, they look like they are 10, and they skateboard all f-ing night on boards that they set up outside.

only like two more days of craziness.
i've been writing papers for like a week straight, and i'm pretty sure they suck, and i don't really even care, i just want them to be done.
this last one, i have no idea what i'm doing, but it's not too bad so far.
also, one of my exams is online, so i kind of want that to be done by thursday as well, then i can just have it out of the way, so i can enjoy the weekend. but it probably won't happen, and not really any point in it either, since i don't have much to do for my exams next week.

my car goes in tomorrow, so hopefully they can tell me what's wrong with it. then i can find out from there what i am doing as far as going home or getting the car home and that jazz.
so who knows.
i just want to get it figured out, but i guess that's how i always am with everything. so impatient, just want to get it done!
well i guess i better get back to this paper, doubt it will get done tonight, but i hope close.
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(no subject) [Apr. 24th, 2006|01:41 pm]
Jessi the Kid
[Current Location |Lydia M. Olson Library]

i have a paper due wednesday (5/10 pgs done), paper due thursday (barely started), and then three exams next week.
but it's sad, cause i'm not really worried about any of it
i'm more worried about the fact that my car is about to die.
so tomorrow i have to drive brookes truck out to work, and it's a stick. so this should be good.
we took it out for practice yesterday, and i didn't stall it or anything, i'm just not very smooth, haha. i have to figure out a way to get there and back that involves no stopping on hills, and very little stop lights. haha.

the second thing i keep thinking about instead of school is going out west. WOO

oh and if my car is dead, i don't know how or if i'm going to be able to get home before my road trip.
originally i was going to go home for a few days (and jami's shower)and then someone was going to bring me back up.
but now i don't know.
i guess we will see what's wrong with my car.
i take it in on wednesday for a diagnosis.
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(no subject) [Apr. 21st, 2006|02:02 pm]
Jessi the Kid
[mood |happyhappy]
[music |counting crows - 4 white stallions]

both presentations over with.
one of three papers done and turned in.
the other two are hard, so this will suck.
it's supposed to be raining all today and tomorrow, but so far it's not. it's been nice all week and it was hard for me to get things done. so i'm forcing myself to work on my history paper tonight. after adventuring of course. the rocks at presque are calling my name.
I want to have both papers fairly close to being done before the end of the weekend. it will make next week go so much smoother. then only three exams to study for and i'm done.
and kelly might come visit! and the boys from tech might stop on their way home for a visit.
ok time to play outside. then back for more studying, and maybe buying my plane ticket, yay summer!
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(no subject) [Apr. 17th, 2006|01:38 pm]
Jessi the Kid
[mood |contentcontent]

i wanted to write in here about stuff that's been going on lately. but i really don't have a lot of time right now. argh.
crazy busy with school, went home and got nothing done all weekend, which was good, but now i am stressing it.
the end of this week i will be half way good again, but i can not wait for the end of school, less than three weeks.
personal life has been getting better. i will write more later.
right now i am happy for those friends and family that are happy.
it was good to see old friends lately, and see my family this weekend.

looking forward to road trip, summer, and being done with school :)

must run off now to extra credit thing, class, work, and more studying!
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ho- town. [Apr. 8th, 2006|03:39 pm]
Jessi the Kid
so i just got back from my two day trip to houghton. it was quite crazy, so i'll fill you in on what i remember.
i got there thursday night and went with chad over to micah and audreys, they have a cute dog, but other than that not too eventful, they are still married and are moving for the summer. whatever. then we sat around chad and dans house all night with zach and kevin and drank 40's
friday was nice, i've been wanting to get out, or atleast have th ehouse to myself without my roomates grossness everywhere, so they both had class till 3 so i got to chill at their house by myself. i got some food because they have like none, and made lasagna for dinner.
after dinner, about 5 we went to a bar so dan could start his birthday celebrations. it was pretty lame since he was the only one that could drink. but then, we grabbed kevin and ashley and some booze and hit the road. haha. so we went through the keweenaw with chad driving then me, dan, zach, kevin, and ashley all drinking in the yukon. every bar dan and kevin went in and had a beer, and then we all had a few in between bars. it was quite interesting.
by the time we got back to houghton we had to go pick up some chick and then hit the last bar. by that time dan and i were pretty smashed, and everyone else was just a bit.
i got dan a free shot at the last bar by telling the guy it was his birthday, ahha. it had hot sauce in it, the sucker. and dan thought i bought him the shot, well atleast for a little while, so it was funny.
that was the end of out booze cruise. but then we went back to zachs house and all his 19 year old roomates wanted to get a keg to have a party, so they took dan to the store, and he had already been there like twice that day, haha.
anyways, when we got there they were all sober, so they were getting sick of us being drunks, it was funny.
so then we just took some beer from them after the keg came and then went back to dan and chads and drank some more, it was an entertaining evening.
so. happy birthday to dan, he's all grown up now, it was fun. haha.
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